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Winooski School Visit in the Burlington Free Press

I ran into my neighbor this weekend, and was surprised to learn that he’d seen an article about me in Saturday’s newspaper.  The article was about my recent visit to the Saint Francis Xavier school in Winooski, VT.  After speaking to several classes, the librarian showed me a number of different projects that the students … continue reading

Red Clover Award: The Votes Are In

About a year ago, I was happy to learn that Redwoods was selected as a Red Clover book.  The Red Clover Award Program is a statewide initiative to promote reading in Vermont.  Each year 10 books are selected and librarians across the state read them to elementary school children.  Curriculums are often planned around the … continue reading

Author Q & A

A few weeks ago, I received a number of questions about Redwoods from students at the JFK Elementary School in Winooski, VT. Here are the questions and the answers that I gave them. Thanks for the great questions, JFK Elementary!
… continue reading

A Great Photo of Stratosphere Giant

It’s not easy to find a picture of Hyperion, the world’s tallest tree, but yesterday I found a great composite photo on Robert Krulwich’s blog. He’s a great writer, so I recommend that everyone read his post. The photo is so good though, I’ve taken the liberty of sharing it with you here. … continue reading

Climbing the World’s Tallest Tree

I’m a big fan of Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, hosts of one of my favorite radio programs, Radiolab.  Today I was browsing Krulwich’s blog and I was very happy to find this post about the world’s tallest tree (tallest known living thing, actually).  He’s a great writer, and you should all read the article.  In … continue reading

A Video of My Visit to Calais Elementary School

On Monday I had the pleasure of visiting the wonderful Calais Elementary and I wrote about it in a previous post.  Today, one of the teachers at Calais created a video of the presentation and sent me the link.  The video has been edited down (so it’s not the full presentation) but it … continue reading

Cloning Redwoods to Slow Global Warming

A group in Michigan is cloning extremely large and long lived trees in an effort to curb global warming, according to this AP article.  Trees are very good at sequestering carbon–they absorb carbon from the air and that carbon becomes part of the tree for as long as it is living.  When the tree dies, … continue reading

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