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The Galapagos Conservation Trust Review: ISLAND is “the perfect introduction to the natural history of Galapagos”

I just received an advanced copy of a review from Galapagos Matters a magazine published by The Galapagos Conservation Trust.  I’ve copied the entire review here because it’s the best description of the book that I’ve read so far.  And I don’t just mean the first sentence (although I certainly appreciate the sentiment there).  The … continue reading

ISLAND wins the 2013 Gryphon Award for Children’s Literature!

ISLAND has won the 2013 Gryphon Award for Children’s Literature from the Center for Children’s Books!  The Gryphon Award is given each year by the Center for Children’s Books.  Here is the description from the CBC website:

The prize is awarded to the author of an outstanding English language work of fiction or non-fiction for … continue reading

ISLAND in the Wall Street Journal

Island was reviewed in The Wall Street Journal on December 21 in an article titled “Learning About the Most Difficult Subjects of All.”  Here is the last line from the article:

Handsome and succinct, this semi-imagined (yet nonfiction) account fosters a calm attitude toward environmental change.

Also reviewed in the article is another Roaring Brook … continue reading

ISLAND in the Top 20 Books of 2012

ISLAND is one of the Top 20 Children’s Books of 2012 according to the School Library Journal blog, 100 Scope Notes, written by Travis Jonker.  Here’s a nice quote from the review:

In an explain-off, my money’s on Jason Chin. In each of his three releases to date, Chin takes the complex and makes it … continue reading

ISLAND is a Horn Book Fanfare Title!

I’m very excited to announce that ISLAND is a 2012 Horn Book Fanfare title!  You can see the full list here:

Horn Book Fanfare 2012

To add to my excitement, several friends and colleagues are also on the list.  Fellow Roaring Brook authors/illustrators Phil Stead, Erin Stead, Julie Fogliano and Laura Vacarro Seeger made amazing … continue reading

ISLAND is a School Library Journal Best Book of 2012

ISLAND is on School Libaray Journal’s list of best books of 2012!  Check out the full list here:

School Library Journal Best Books of 2012

Read their review of ISLAND here:

School Library Journal’s review of ISLAND


… continue reading

Interview with Francesca Rheannon of The Writer’s Voice

I’ve just done an interview with Francesca Rheannon of The Writer’s Voice radio program. The interview is airing on public radio stations around the country and is also available online as a podcast. … continue reading

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