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National Science Teachers Association Recommends Coral Reefs

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) teams up every year with the Children’s Book Council (CBC) to produce a list of outstanding science books for children, and Coral Reefs is on this year’s list!  Here is a link to the review on  They’ve also put the full list of books together into a … continue reading

Winooski School Visit in the Burlington Free Press

I ran into my neighbor this weekend, and was surprised to learn that he’d seen an article about me in Saturday’s newspaper.  The article was about my recent visit to the Saint Francis Xavier school in Winooski, VT.  After speaking to several classes, the librarian showed me a number of different projects that the students … continue reading

Fuse 8 Gives Coral Reefs a Great Review

In November, the New York Public Library’s children’s librarian, Betsy Bird wrote a wonderful review of Coral Reefs on her blog, A Fuse #8 Production. … continue reading

Coral Reefs Cover Revealed

Last week Coral Reefs was made available for pre-order and the cover was revealed.  Here it is:

Support local bookstores by using to find a store near you where you can pre-order Coral Reefs.

… continue reading

Coral and Algae: A Remarkable Partnership

In my post, Corals: Nature’s Greatest Builders, I wrote about how corals build reefs, but I didn’t write about how corals themselves grow.  Here is an explanation (like the previous post, I am focusing on hard corals):

Most corals start as a single polyp.  The polyp divides in two**, then those divide into four and … continue reading

Amazing Octopi

After a year and a half reading about coral reefs and the creatures that inhabit them, the octopus has emerged as my favorite animal, hands down.  Here are my favorite things about octopuses:

They can squirt ink to distract and confuse predators allowing them to escape danger. They can change the color of … continue reading

Corals: Natures Greatest Builders

Coral reefs are the largest structures on earth that are built by animals.  There are reefs that are more massive than the hover dam, the great wall of china and the great pyramids.  And what creatures build them?  You guessed it: corals.

To understand how they do it, it’s first important to understand what a … continue reading

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