The Galapagos Conservation Trust Review: ISLAND is “the perfect introduction to the natural history of Galapagos”

I just received an advanced copy of a review from Galapagos Matters a magazine published by The Galapagos Conservation Trust.  I’ve copied the entire review here because it’s the best description of the book that I’ve read so far.  And I don’t just mean the first sentence (although I certainly appreciate the sentiment there).  The wonderful thing about this review is that Henry Nicholls brilliantly summarizes the narrative in the book and the science that is presented.  If you want to know what ISLAND is all about this is the review to read.

This is quite simply the finest children’s book on Galapagos I’ve come across. In Island, children’s author and artist Jason Chin has produced an epic tale of the Archipelago and covered six million years into the bargain. His brilliantly original approach is to follow the story of a typical island from its explosive birth, through the process of colonisation, until it finally erodes back beneath the waves in the not-too-distant geological past. But not before it has handed its flora and fauna, baton-like, on to the current configuration of islands we call Galapagos. The text is to the point, the illustrations are stunning and the use of storyboard-like snapshots through evolutionary time are a perfect way to capture the brutal, yet creative force of natural selection. Once Chin’s imaginary island has disappeared “below the waves forever”, an epilogue nods to the present with the arrival of Charles Darwin on board HMS Beagle. All said, Island is the perfect introduction to the natural history of Galapagos for anyone from the age of five and up. – Reviewed by Henry Nicholls

Download a PDF here: Galapgos Matters Review


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