ISLAND wins the 2013 Gryphon Award for Children’s Literature!

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ISLAND has won the 2013 Gryphon Award for Children’s Literature from the Center for Children’s Books!  The Gryphon Award is given each year by the Center for Children’s Books.  Here is the description from the CBC website:

The prize is awarded to the author of an outstanding English language work of fiction or non-fiction for which the primary audience is children in kindergarten through fourth grade, and which best exemplifies those qualities that successfully bridge the gap in difficulty between books for reading aloud to children and books for practiced readers. With a core of regular committee members, the award has become a way to contribute to an ongoing conversation about literature for inexperienced readers and to draw attention to the literature that offers, in many different ways, originality, accessibility, and high quality for that audience.

And here is what they wrote about ISLAND:

“With exciting visuals and crystal-clear explanations, Island invites young readers into the changing ecology of the Galápagos,” said Stevenson. “This perfect balance of art and text immerses youngsters in the island world and draws their attention to aspects large and small, and readers will be rewarded with both delight and understanding.”


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  1. Feb 15, 201311:46 am

    Jason – I was your pre school teacher in East Lansing, MI. I told your folks then that you were a phenomenal artist and very bright. They knew that too. I came to your art exhibit in Lyme years ago. Your Mom & I exchange Christmas letters. I have volunteered at our elem school for 14 years. We have Redwoods and Island – fantastic! We would love to have you come to our school. Would you tell us what is your fee, etc.

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