Painting Process Step Four: Layering Color and Adding Detail

To begin with, I apologize to anyone who read about the first three steps in my painting process and has been waiting to read about the final step for a full year.  I’ve been distracted from blogging this year, but I’ve finally found time to write the final post in this series.  So without further ado, here is the final step in my painting process:

At the end of step three, I left off talking about building up layers of paint.  As I add layers of color, I also add more and more detail.  The painting begins with with blocking in large areas of light color (see step three) and slowly adding in darker and darker colors, in more and more detail until I’m satisfied.

When the painting is nearing completion, I remove my frisket masks. In this painting they were on the the girl, crab and ceiling.  I paint the previously masked areas in carefully, paying careful attention to the edges.  With friskets, it’s easy for the masked off portion to have a “cut out” feel, so I usually soften the edges slightly by rubbing over them with a damp brush, so that the girl looks like she belongs in the painting.  When all the areas are painted in, it’s time to add the finishing touches .  I darken the darkest darks (the bars in the window, and the deep shadows) and lighten any areas that I feel need it by wetting an area and using a towel or q-tip to pull out the paint (the beam of sunlight coming through the window).  I use white gouache to cover some areas that need to be very light, like the highlights on the puddles of water.  When I’m satisfied, I get to do my favorite part: remove the tape that I used to mask off the edges of the piece, and voila, a nice clean edge on the finished painting.

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  1. Dec 14, 201210:19 pm

    wow, , how great it is. , i have read the series and i am amaze,,’ how i wish i can be like you Jason. you really become my inspiration. . . . . AMAZING WOW. specially when it was finished.

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